Prof. Chuang invited to the 11th SATEC

Prof. Chuang was invited to the 11th Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC). The SATEC was first run in 1993, as China’s first platform for technical personnel exchanges with the outside world since reform and opening up.

May 16 – 19, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province (China). Prof. Chuang, invited as a foreign expert, participated in a series of events focusing on the upgrading and transformation of China’s coal chemical industry. Prof. Chuang shared his opinions on the capture and utilization of carbon dioxide from the coal source with experts from both China and United States. He proposed novel materials and processes to convert wastes and pollutants to value-added chemicals, which helps mitigate the environmental impact from the coal production and utilization in China. Chuang also visited related chemical plants and research institutes.

On May 21, Prof. Chuang participated in a forum on the role of foreign experts at the 11th SATEC in Beijing with Ma Kai, China’s vice-premier, on hand to address the gathering.

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