Erik Willett

Erik A. Willett

Erik Willett

Ph.D. Candidate in Polymer Science

E-mail: eaw45 [at]

Mailing Address:
Goodyear Polymer Center, RM 803
170 University Ave.,
Akron, OH 44325-3909


  • B.S. in Chemistry, University of Connecticut

Research Areas

  • Fundamental research on low cost, high performance materials
  • Role of water in electric vehicle battery degradation
    • Quantitative and in situ IR spectroscopy
    • mAh-scale pouch cells using in-house electrodes from expanded graphite
  • kW-scale CO2 capture pilot unit
    • 1-3.2kg fluidized beds powered by 10kW steam generator and high power air blower system
    • Validate new CO2 capture sorbents on kg-scale
  • DFT calculation of amine-CO2 capture process
    • Structure vs. performance vs. characterization in one experiment

kW-scale CO2 Capture Unit and Mechanical Testing


DFT Calculation of CO2 Capture Process


Lithium/Aluminum Battery Fabrication

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