Thermo Nicolet FT-Raman Accessory for iS-50R

Thermo Nicolet FT-Raman Accessory

Thermo Nicolet FT-Raman Accessory

General Information

  • Location: Goodyear Polymer Center 431
  • Contact Person: Long Zhang

Key Facts

  • 1064 nm laser source
  • Laser power 500–50 mW, software settable
  • Built-in motorized sampling stage with computer controlled movement
  • USB Camera for viewing and collecting visual images
  • Stokes only Rayleigh filter
  • Class I laser safe device
  • Available sampling kit with array automation capability:
    • Combined 9-hole and microscope slide plate
    • Combined 3-vial and 4-vial holder (vials, NMR tubes, etc.)
    • 48-well plate

Useful Information

  • Instrument Brochure: Link

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